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Coastal Candy Co.

Anyone else have a serious sweet tooth? 🍬

I absolutely love candy (especially sour candy!😍) & these candy kabobs from @coastalcandyco totally hit the spot! Not only are they insanely adorable but they come with so much yummy candy! 🤩

My daughter was so excited when she saw them & said they were her “magic candy wands” 😂 I love that these candy kabobs are cute just for a treat but I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect they’d be for events! Party favors, in a centerpiece, in a place setting, part of a candy cart/table, in Easter baskets, etc.

I love giving little seasonal/holiday gifts to my daughters dance class & once I saw these I knew they’d would be so perfect! These kabobs are perfect for so many different occasions, I’m so excited to make them part of my future festivities!

Definitely going to be placing my order asap so make sure you get your Easter orders in early to!

Enjoy 10% off orders under $100 & 20% off orders of $100 or more when you mention my page 😋

Tysm @coastalcandyco for these adorable candy kabobs! We LOVED them! 🥰

Contact them on Instagram , Facebook, or submit your order request on their order form!

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