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Help us give back to RMHC

It’s that time of the year again! You already know I love giving back to the Ronald McDonald house every year! This I will be volunteering at @rmhcnym to bring dinner for the families staying there on Mother’s Day!

Something you may not know is that I actually spent my first Mother’s Day at @rmhcnym. I’ll never forget the kindness of the staff there & how they made me feel so special. I am so excited to go back again (with my little NICU warrior Scarlett) to give back to the families there & the amazing staff!

If you’d like to contribute by donating to help me make this Mother’s Day dinner amazing you can Venmo me @Antoinette515 (put RMHC in the memo!) I also have an Amazon wishlist if you'd like to send an item!

If you have another way you’d like to contribute or specific items you’d like to give please send me a message!

With the help of the amazing small businesses on long island I have been able to put together something amazing for them every year, so thank you for the support💜 even if you can’t contribute to my fundraising please consider donating to @rmhcnym when you can! They are amazing & help so many families.

flower heart mothers day

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