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Laser Hair Removal at Jolie Femme 📍Hewlett, NY

Ever since I became a mom things like shaving feel like a chore! I was waxing but even that became to time consuming and honestly it’s painful so I wasn’t looking forward to it lol I have always wanted to try laser hair removal but was scared! I’ve had tattoo removal so I just thought it would be the same long painful process but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

I had my first session w| joliefemmeny 2 days ago and the entire process was quick & painless 🙌🏻 Diana was amazing! Answering all of my questions & walking me through every step, I felt comfortable the entire time & had an awesome experience! I was crazy nervous so I didn’t document during lol but It was super quick, no downtime, & no crazy aftercare! Will post more about my laser journey when I go back in 6 weeks! So excited to be hair free for 2023!

If you’ve ever wanted to try laser hair removal tis the season to book w| joliefemmeny ! She is offering a Full body package w| 12 months of unlimited sessions for $1999! ($500 savings 🙌🏻) or you can get 5 sessions of any individual body part & get the 6th one free. Just mention

when you contact her! 🖤

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