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Metrix Jewelry

I am so excited to show you all the cute pieces I got from metrix jewelry !!!

I first met Lisa (metrix jewelry owner and designer) when she was a vendor at my small biz market and fell in love with her gorgeous work! I got my bat earrings that day and have been wearing them ever since! Halloween/spooky season is every day for me so I love that I can wear these beautiful pieces regularly and they’ll make any outfit instantly cute & feel true to my style!

The newest pieces to my collection of metrix jewelry is the dainty opal ghost necklace & mix and match studs! I love this ghost necklace because it’s unique, fits my style, & is a versatile piece. It’s so stunning and I can wear it to elevate a casual outfit or with a more dressy fit and it’ll fit both perfectly!

I love that metrix jewelry pieces are handmade in small batches & each piece of jewelry is made by hand by the designer herself. Metrix jewelry you are seriously so talented thank you so much for making these beautiful pieces! I absolutely love them!

metrix jewelry doesn’t just make spooky jewelry, there are so many gorgeous items on her website that can fit any style! Go follow this amazing Long Island biz & check out more of her work!

Click here to browse & shop.

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