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More Than Play LI

Today is #nationalprincessday so I gave Scarlett the royal treatment by taking her to @morethanplayli this morning!

This was our first time coming here & it was amazing!! As most you know Scarlett has been in speech therapy over a year now & one of the ways we’ve helped her is through play so I really love that @morethanplayli modeled their entire space around using play to improve development.

More Than Play is mom owned and operated by co-founders, Lisamarie and Amanda. They are licensed speech language pathologists ( & super nice🖤) who are passionate and dedicated to providing an evidence-based approach to learning through play.

They had so many beautiful set ups for imaginative play! I was having so much fun playing with Scarlett lol. I really loved that the space is good for both of my kids so next time we can bring Liam along! I love knowing they can play together safely and I can relax while they have fun! (mamas need a break too! 😂)

They offer birthday parties, private events, classes, & more! We can’t wait to go back for another play session. Ty for a fun morning @morethanplayli !! 🖤

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