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Our morning at Actions Speak Tiny Titans(movement & speech) class!

We had an awesome morning at Actions Speak Tiny Titans (speech & movement) class! Some  of you already know Scarlett has been in speech therapy for over a year now & I’m so proud of her for the progress she’s made but was our first time doing a class like this together & I absolutely LOVED it!

The co-founders and teachers Miss Lauren & Miss Frieda are phenomenal! It’s clear they are super passionate about what they do from the way they engage with the kids to the set up the structure of the class! Every detail serves a purpose and as a parent it was so amazing to see all of the thought put into making the theme of the week class cohesive & engaging!

When I asked Scarlett what her favorite part was she said playing with a new friend. When she does her speech therapy it’s by herself so I think it was nice for her to do these activities with another kid!

I loved so many things about the class I could probably write an essay lol so let me just tell you my favorite. My favorite thing about the class is the structure! The activities are timed and the kids can actually see the timer/hear the song end, so it made transitioning much easier. I loved that they had some free play and a warm up in the beginning but most importantly they had a cool down time! 🙌🏻 this was the first time EVER that Scarlett didn’t have a meltdown when we left somewhere. she was sad & a little fussy but no crying, screaming, or anything even close to it. I 100% believe it’s because of the “calm body” time they did at the end. After a class full of fun she was able to take a few minutes to practice self regulating. That was honestly the most impressive part to me because I’ve never seen her do that before!

I loved everything about this class & so did Scarlett. I will most definitely be signing her up for more classes! Thank you so much Actions Speak for having us in class today & for being so wonderful! Go give them a follow & check out the classes/resources they offer!

Instagram: @Actionsspeakkids

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